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The following practitioners can be actively booked through our website.


Owner ✦ Mystic Herbalist ✦ Intuitive Energy Worker

Dayle, the Witch of YYC, is a certified Alchemical Herbalist, certified Reiki practitioner, intuitive energy healer, and self-proclaimed Kitchen Witch. Through her studies and experience, she has developed a unique perspective on holistic health, recognising that the spirit, body, mind, soul, and community are all interconnected. In fact, she believes that everything is interconnected and as a Cree, Métis, English, Irish, and French woman who grew up with a Catholic mother, a Protestant father, eventually converting to Judaism, while fully embracing vedic, Kabbalist, Buddhist, mystic, Christian and Indigenous teachings, she literally embodies this principle philosophy.

Through this lens of interconnectedness, Dayle views plants and the Earth as an integral part of our journey and, in particular, our healing. She understands that plants speak a symbolic language that is felt on a cellular level; communicating and teaching us how to heal ourselves. They speak not only to our bodies and our minds, but also to our spirits and our souls. This understanding was initally passed down intuitively from her grandmother, and later rediscovered through studying Indigenous plant medicines, Western Herbalism, Ayurveda and the chakra system, Astro-Herbalism and Medical Astrology, as well as more mystical herbal correspondences such as Tarot, Kabbalah, and alchemy.

In many traditions, it's known that dis-ease can be physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual in nature, and Dayle would add that it could also be social. These links are what Dayle looks at when determining the root cause of a concern, and through her connection to spirit, divination, intutive energy healing, sound and mystic journeying, along with plants, she can help you to find clarity, answers, guidance and healing. Knowing that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, Dayle is able to bridge the visible and invisible worlds to restore balance in your life.

In addition, Dayle has spent 19 years in the corporate world as a business analyst, program manager, strategy manager, operations manager, community liaison, and led a Women's Connections Network. She has certificates in adult learning and workshop facilitation, Indigenous Canada studies, DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), and process improvement methodologies such as Kaizen, Lean/Six Sigma. 

Billie's Profile Picture.jpeg

Astrologer ✦ Tarot Reader ✦ Reiki Master

Billie from Raven Magik guides seekers of truth like yourself to dive deep into your Soul’s story. She will illuminate both your gifts and your challenges on this journey so you can embrace your whole authentic expression with love.

Her heart centred approach allows you to embody true self-acceptance, liberation from limiting beliefs and will open you up to know more about your personal genius and purpose.  


Cosmic Revelations with Billie are channeled through: 


  • Astrology and Human Design Readings to dive into your owner’s manual and energetic blueprint. 

  • Tarot Readings to bring clarity and insights into your conscious awareness. 

  • Reiki and Sound Sessions for energetic alignment and healing.

  • Tarot Classes, Astrology Classes, Reiki Certification Classes and more.


If you are looking to co-create with the cosmos, so you can consciously participate with your true mission in this lifetime then book a reading, session, or class with Billie she will be honored to support you on your path. 


Professional Astrologer, Certified Tarot Reader, Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Spiritual Life Coach and Teacher


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Blended Craniosacral Therapist ✦ Somatic Therapist ✦ Nature Guide

Devan started her journey of helping others in 2008 when she made the decision to learn massage therapy. After years of practice she found herself questioning the mode of healing she was providing and as fate would have it she was dropped into the hands of a craniosacral therapist for a last resort attempt at healing an injury she had developed at the gym. Upon getting immediate relief from a pain that no other practitioner had been able to help with she decided to learn this modality that seemed to fit better with her idea of what healing could look like. From there she developed a determination to learn more about how and why we heal, what a truly wholistic view of a human is in regards to what ails us, and how our experiences manifest in our bodies, minds and souls.

With a variety of teachers guiding her she has learned many ways to get to Rome. All of these techniques, skills, and the lived experience that came with learning them blend together to find roots in all her offerings. From shamanism to clinical massage therapy she brings many worlds to the table. As a Red River Métis Woman who is reconnecting with her culture she also pulls from indigenous knowing and weaves this into her gifts.

Devan is trauma informed and is consistently continuing her education in this realm as new information becomes public. She provides intuitive, pain free body work for emotional and physical pain using techniques she's developed across many modalities. She also provides trauma psychoeducation one on one and in group settings.

Devan is trained in psychedelic integration for those who feel they were left to flounder after experiencing psychedelic therapy.

And along with that she was also trained in a somatic therapy that is based off of teachings from Sharon Stanley, Gabor Maté, Peter Levine, Bessel van der Kolk, Irene Lyon and more. This type of therapy helps get to the core in a gentle and connected way. It does not look like a typical talk therapy session and because of that it can be very effective at transforming your emotional and physical selves. It is something Devan uses to work with burn out, physical and emotional pain, trauma, maladaptive behaviors and difficult to control emotions. It can also be used as a way to determine each individual's  unique sustainable self care practices, allowing for integration of lasting change.

Along side all of these offerings she is also holding guided meditative movement classes that allow your cells to lead, rather than your mind.
Facilitated forest bathing workshops where you will reconnect yourself with our collective mother, Earth.
Visualization classes where you will learn how to take self healing to another level.
Guided somatic meditation held with indigenous hand drumming.
And animal journeys for those who want to bring another guide into their spheres.


Homeopath ✦ Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Counselor ✦ Reiki Master

Heshma has been an advocate and practitioner of Homeopathy, Herbal and Energy therapy for well over a decade. She obtained her Master’s Degree in Homeopathy in 2005 from the Durban Institute of Technology, South Africa. She is also a certified Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Counselor (American Institute of Vedic Studies) and Reiki Master Practitioner. Born and raised in South Africa, she later moved to Alberta, Canada where she currently resides. 


Her core belief and practice is to stimulate the bodies innate healing wisdom through Homeopathy, Energy therapies and behaviour and lifestyle enhancement. All therapies are rooted in the knowing that the individual is considered to be an intelligent and integrated being, encompassing physical, mental, emotional and energetic systems and awareness. When an individual is treated accordingly with therapies that are known to communicate with those systems, a path to health and well-being is forged.


She works closely with her clients to design a treatment approach based on their level of comfort and state of dis-ease. Homeopathy, Energy therapy and Ayurvedic Lifestyle principles can be used in conjunction with each other, or as stand alone therapies depending on what is needed, and what the individual is comfortable with. If you would like to book an appointment with Heshma, please reach out, she will be happy to assist!


Destiny Coach ✦ Akashic Record Reader ✦ Subconcious Practitioner

Through years of research and education studying Metaphysics, the subconscious and superconscious mind, Jessi developed a strong admiration for how our inner world has a direct impact on our outer world. Jessi has received her Bachelor's in Metaphysical Humanistic Science specializing in Spiritual Philosophy and is currently studying for her Master's specializing in Transpersonal Coaching and Past Life Regression Hypnosis.

Jessi combines her love for the human experience with her education to provide a therapeutic reading that is heartfelt and tailored to your unique needs and soul's frequency. She also works in the field of Spiritual Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Quantum Living, Harmonic Frequencies and Subconscious Belief Reprogramming.



Inactive Practitioners

The following practitioners are not presently booking through our website, however please inquire if you are interested in booking a session as this may be arranged. They can also be found hosting workshops and events at the shop.


Clinical Hypnotherapist

This is Karen. You will immediately feel trust, comfort and a genuine connection. Her mission is to simply and effectively guide YOUR hypnotherapy process. After all, she believes the insights to your ponderings are within you.

Often buried, however.


Karen’s practice is heart and intuitive driven with safe and effective protocols to bring; relief, clarity, laughter, insights, and change,  to your past, present, and future.

She believes that any topic or query is possible to explore. Sometimes we aren’t even sure what that is. Karen can assist you to explore that too!

She purposely prefers to not serve a specific niche “market”. Rather, she focuses on the ROOT of whatever is on the mind, heart or spirit of each client.

She is confident in her procedures, processes and skillsets from her vast experience, life and education. 


Karen mandates a complementary initial appointment to discover a fit for working together, or not, and discussion of the best next steps.


Bookmark and explore now to further understand the profound and often unknown world of Hypnotherapy and how it may impact you today.


Heart Healer ✦ Psychic Medium ✦ Yoga & Meditation

Yaela Tal is a passionate Heart Healer, Psychic Medium, Intuitive Health Coach and a yoga teacher with a deep commitment to holistic healing. 

She is the founder and visionary behind the 'Rays of Light' Holistic Healing Center and brings together her diverse skills and experiences to support others on their healing journeys. Her mission is to bring healing, build community and educate people about holistic ways of living and healing.

Recently completing pre and postnatal yoga teacher training, Yaela has gained valuable knowledge in supporting women during this transformative phase of life. She also carries a profound understanding of loss, having personally experienced an early pregnancy loss. 

Drawing from her own 10-year journey of breaking free from a narcissistic abusive relationship, healing her deepest wounds, and falling in love with herself, Yaela discovered her true calling as a Heart Healer. 

Through a blend of intuitive energy healing techniques, she empowers women to heal, embrace self-love, attract soulful connections, and manifest the life they have always dreamed of. 

By helping clients recognize and heal unhealed childhood traumas at their roots, Yaela facilitates profound transformations and the release of blockages that may hinder progress in various areas of life. 

Outside of her transformative work, Yaela finds joy in spending quality time with her daughter, indulging in dance and song, and immersing herself in the beauty of nature. Guided by a naturalistic and minimalist lifestyle, she cherishes the values of family, community, spirituality, and personal growth. With a deep respect for all beings and a profound connection to nature, Yaela embodies a holistic approach to life and is dedicated to creating a nurturing space for others to heal, thrive, and embrace their true potential.


Integration Guide  Artist Meditation Guide

Cj is a grounded, loving and connected soul. She is an Integration Guide, an artist, and Meditation Guide that takes passion and pleasure from nature and all its surroundings! She has helped a number of people to integrate their gifts and blessings fully into their day-to-day lives, opening a new world for many. She has a deep love for helping those around her to unlock their potentials when it comes to the areas of life and spirituality that haven't always been the most freely spoken about. 


Cj is passionate about helping people integrate their own abilities of how they hear, see, feel, and know with their natural, albeit sometimes hidden, senses. Out of her own passion and abilities, she created Integration, a workshop in allowing ones abilities to return or amplify in strength.

Come with her on a Magical journey, of remembering the gifts inherent to us all. Some of you may know what your gifts and blessings are, and have had practice using them, some of you are just in the process of discovering. You will be thoughtfully guided in this amazing process no matter what level you are at.


Cj does beautiful guided Meditations, as well; different focused meditations based on what spirit is calling to be ushered in.   


Her artwork is earthy and blessed in accordance to the cycles and Rhythm of the moon, a beautiful gift for yourself or someone you love.


Shamanic Practitioner ✦ Sound Healer ✦ Dreamtime Guide

Steven is a shamanic practitioner and intuitive sound healer. A session with Steven guides you through a spirit journey in the dreamtime with the didgeridoo.
He combines his experiences and guidances from his spirit teachers into the dreamtime.
The experience inspires a process of awareness, deep healing, soul remembrance and empowerment.

carmen small files-36.jpeg

Angel Therapy Practitioner ✦ Akashic Records ✦ Energy Healer ✦ Reiki Master

Feel empowered to connect to the Angels and your Angelic team so that you can receive the guidance and support of these beings in your daily lives. As an Angel Therapy Practitioner and Energy Healer, Caylen guides you through the connection to the Angels, to discover your own unique tools and gifts, to open up that connection to the Angelic Realm and your inner knowing. So that you can rediscover your true authentic self and your inner light.


An established connection with the Angelic Realm, opens up a whole new world of possibilities. It allows you to explore and discover in a way that is not as accessible in the Earth frequency alone. Through Angel Readings and Akashic Records you can access these higher vibrational frequencies and information, deepening your own knowledge, enhancing and expanding your tools and opening up those channels of energy flow and accessing your deep inner knowing. 


Begin your journey of access and growth with Caylen through readings, Angelic workshops, and energy healing sessions such as Perfect Alignment Clearings and Angel Reiki.


Intuitive Reiki Master Natural Healer

Through the assistance of the angelic realms, ascended masters, and his ancestors, James is an active conduit of divine energies that assist and support in one's spiritual evolution through unlocking energetic karmic blockages that will facilitate in the forward movement and progression of one's soul journey in their human experience here in the physical realm.

These blockages can sometimes be created through unresolved traumatic and karmic experiences of both this lifetime and past lifetimes. These blockages are not eliminated but rather they are released through the physical form to be experienced and acknowledged in some way, thus releasing the energies and keeping the soul's purpose and journey in divine alignment, as one's karma should never attempted to be bypassed.

Due to the nature of challenges of his own soul's journey in this lifetime, James has been guided to explore the spiritual sciences such as shamanism, various religious/spiritual/occult teachings and philosophies, as well as study psychology/parapsychology through courses and workshops. This has enabled him to bridge the gap of the misconceptions of what is light and dark, good and evil, and the effects of these perceptions within the human psyche here on the physical plane.

In more recent years, James has gone into depth with concepts/ideologies of generational cursing and wounding through the exploitation of his Indigenous roots as a Cree, Métis, and through his personal experience as a lateral residential school survivor. By being open to explore his own shadow realms as a generational curse breaker, he has come to recognise the importance of this very sacred work and he has developed an adept awareness for the need of support for others as they navigate through these portals of ascension. He has come into the awareness that these curses and wounding are not limited to those connected North American Indigenous people, rather it is something that has a much further reach into human psyche than most would allow themselves to imagine.

As guide, he assists others through their own processes as he is very aware of how it can be a very tricky and daunting task where one may fall into deeper states of depression, despair, and anxiety as many on this journey will find themselves with few, or maybe no one, who quite understands. And as this is all part of the dark night initiation process, it is very easy to become stuck in the lower energies due to overwhelm and fatigue as it not only requires mental and emotional endurance but also physical strength, especially while having to maintain daily responsibilities.

His intention is to hold a strong, compassionate, and supportive space that allows one to experience connection while working through their processes that will eventually lead one into a whole new way of being, thinking, seeing, and feeling.


Mediumship ✦ Psychic Readings ✦ Spiritual Development & Therapy

Madelaine is a queer, Indigenous (Blackfoot, French, and Scottish) social worker who embraces her intuitive gifts passed down by her grandmothers. She has a Master of Clinical Social Work, is trained in Expressive Arts Therapy, and specializes in psychic/mediumship readings, spiritual guidance, and therapy that is nurtured and supported by a trauma-informed approach. Madelaine offers an unconventional perspective that blends Indigenous ways of knowing, various other spiritual elements, and quantum physics. 

Her communication style is gentle but direct and she believes in having fierce conversations with a value for honesty and transparency. Madelaine’s practice is guided by a strong code of ethics that ensures authenticity and upheld responsibility and accountability.  

Sessions with Madelaine include: 


  • Mediumship

  • Psychic/intuitive readings 

  • Connecting with guides 

  • Spiritual Development 


Spiritual Therapy: This service is eligible for benefits that accept an RSW/MSW. Direct billing is not available currently. Before booking this service, you can meet with Madelaine for a complimentary 15-minute introduction to assess fit.
Sessions are with Silver Wolf Clinical Services – 

  • For individuals

  • For Relationships (mono/poly/family). 

Madelaine also provides education, capacity building, and workshop facilitation. The services above are a glimpse into what’s available. For inquiries about other possible services or to connect with Madelaine for a session you can contact, her Facebook page:, or via email at

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