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Wed, Oct 04



Angels 101 with Caylen

Unlock the Mysteries of the Celestial Realm and Dive into the Enchanting World of Angels

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Angels 101 with Caylen
Angels 101 with Caylen

Time & Location

Oct 04, 2023, 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Calgary, 2505 17 Ave SW 217 (Second Floor, Calgary, AB T3E 7V3, Canada

About the event

Have  you ever felt a deep curiosity about the ethereal beings known as  Angels? Are you eager to explore their profound presence in our lives  and harness their power for your own personal growth and well-being? If  so, our upcoming Angels 101 Workshop is an opportunity you won't want to  miss!

Engaging with the Angelic Realm can offer you many benefits  in your daily life, bringing in a stronger connection, support and  easily accessible guidance throughout your day, helping you to navigate  life more easily.

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In this workshop you will:

  • Explore Who Angels Are:  Dive into the enchanting world of angels and uncover their rich history  across cultures and traditions. Gain insights into their diverse roles  as messengers, protectors, and guides.
  • Uncover Their Divine Purpose: Explore the profound purpose angels serve in the grand tapestry of  existence. Learn how their celestial presence can illuminate your path,  offering profound wisdom, comfort, and healing in times of need.
  • Understand Why You Would Connect with Angels: Delve into the compelling reasons for connecting with angels in your  life's journey. Explore how this connection can provide clarity, solace,  and a profound sense of purpose. Discover how angels can become your  spiritual allies in the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment.
  • Discover the Benefits of Angelic Connection: Unlock a world of transformation as you forge a strong bond with  angels. Experience inner peace, heightened intuition, and a strengthened  sense of purpose. Tap into the profound guidance and protection that  angels offer, and watch as your life transforms in astonishing ways.
  • Create Understanding & Recognition: Understand how the Angels can support you in various aspects of life  such as decision making, comfort, support, and deepening your spiritual  connection. You will also learn how you personally connect and to  recognize signs of their presence.
  • Tap into Accessible Guidance: Learning to connect with the Angels can offer readily available  guidance throughout your day, helping you make better decisions and  navigate challenges.

Are you ready to embark on a  spiritual voyage that could forever change your life? Angels 101  promises to be a transformative experience, opening doors to the angelic  realm you never thought possible.

Reserve your spot today, and  get ready to spread your wings and soar with the Angels and embark on a  journey of enlightenment and self-discovery like no other.

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